Do you need a professional fireworks company to do a wedding display?

Are you thinking of having fireworks at your wedding in and around Coventry but don't know where to start, what to buy and how to set them off? We can help.

Professional fireworks display's at Coventry weddings look great, they are a fantastic way to wow your guests and start your married life celebrations off in style, however they can be another costly expense. You may also not necessarily have the space for a mammoth display and want a suitable alternative. 

Retail fireworks are a more affordable solution and will still provide that wow factor that you are after.

Not all retail fireworks consist of a selection box which requires someone walking back and forth to light them every few minutes. They also usually can be used in smaller spaces like 25 metre clearance for example (all fireworks vary, so please check the safety instructions and safety distance on each one before use).

Take a look at our range of cake fireworks (also known as barrage fireworks) we sell at Coventry Fireworks King. A cake is a single ignition firework that can range from a small number of shots to around 300. The beauty is you only need to do the work once, light it once then stand back and enjoy the ariel firework display. This makes a great and affordable alternative to calling in a professional firework company. It can be lit by a responsible adult over the age of 18 and here at Coventry Fireworks King we even sell safety equipment for your fireworks that can be used.

Still want something bigger than one cake fireworks or want a number of cakes at your wedding? Thats where compound fireworks come in! Compound fireworks are basically a number of cakes fused together, so they last longer as the fuse works its way through all the cakes, they are usually attached together at the bottom by a board. They are slightly more pricey but they pack a punch, and we know you will be impressed! They are the most popular item we sell for Coventry weddings here at Coventry Fireworks King.

Why not give our team a call on 07377 770105 or pop us a WhatsApp and we can work with you to plan the best display to celebrate the start of your new life together.

Remember we also stock sparklers, smoke grenades and ice fountains too which are also suitable for use during your wedding.

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