Collection: FOUNTAINS

Coventry Fireworks King Fountains and Flower pots are a spray of colour low on the ground. Some of our fountains last up to 3 minutes. Whilst fountains may crackle they do not bang and are therefore generally classed as low noise.

Frequently asked questions

What is a fountain firework?

A fountain firework is such an under rated firework. This is a ground firework and shoots stars and sparks up to 5 metres in straight and fanned effects. Some of the fountain fireworks at Coventry Fireworks King can last up to 180 seconds with some dazzling and colourful effects.

What kind of fountain fireworks are good for a fireworks event?

We have lots of different fountain fireworks to suit all ages and events. Fountains are incredibly versatile in design and have some amazing features such as our emoji or peacock fountain.

What occasion is best for fountain fireworks?

Fountain fireworks are brilliant for birthday parties and bonfire night. They are idea for kids who love to see the magic of fireworks at eye level.