Coventry Fireworks King Roman Candles also known as shot tubes that shoot balls of firework shots into the sky. They can have between 1 - 8 shots per tube and are a great way to celebrate.

Frequently asked questions

What is a fireworks shot tube?

A fireworks shot tube also known as a roman candle is a tubular shaped firework which contains 1 or multiple shots. They produce impactful noise per shot and also fantastic colours and sparkle. Brands such as Klasek Pyro Dum Bum and Big Star specialise in shot tubes. These are ground fireworks that are buried in the ground and shoot shot balls into the sky.

What kind of fireworks shot tube are suitable for a garden party?

You can use all sorts of shot tubes or roman candles for a fireworks event. It really depends on the type of event, garden and age of the guests. Some shot tubes are about colour and some are about noise, so the choice is really up to you!

What occasion is best for using firework shot tubes?

Fireworks shot tubes or roman candles are a must for any bonfire night or new years eve party! If you've never used one, get it on your shopping list!