Coventry Fireworks King Selection boxes contain a variety of different types of fireworks for your display. These are ideal for garden parties. The selection boxes all give their own unique display, as each firework box is packed with different fireworks from rockets, fountains to firework cakes.

Frequently asked questions

What is a firework selection box?

A firework selection box is a firm family favourite when it comes to bonfire night or new years eve. Packed full of firework goodies such as rockets, fountains, roman candles and cakes you just don't know what surprises you will find. At Coventry Fireworks King we have selection boxes to suit all occasions and budgets. Fireworks can range from 12 - 20 in each box and can help make the fireworks event more special.

What kind of selection boxes are suitable for a garden party?

Firework selection boxes are perfect for garden parties. Everyone of our fireworks selection boxes are designed to cater for your event. We have smaller boxes that are perfect for younger kids as well as medium to larger selection boxes for a bigger party for families and adults. We also have firework crates for the real firework fanatics out there.

What occasion is best for using firework selection boxes?

Fireworks selection boxes are perfect for bonfire night, Diwali and new years eve. They contain a little something for everyone and if you're not quite sure which one works for you then please give us a call to discuss your requirements 07377 770105.