Coventry Fireworks King stock Cake and Barrage fireworks that are one of the most popular fireworks, they are also known as cakes or batteries. They consist of a number of shots that are normally fired into the air from a single box that sits on the ground, with different colours and effects, by one single ignition. Barrages comes in a number of sizes from 10 to 300 shots.

Frequently asked questions

What is a cake or barrage firework?

A cake or barrage firework is an incredibly popular choice when it comes to a garden party or bonfire night. They come in varying shapes and sizes. What we particularly love is some of the weird and whacky names some of these cakes have such as Goblin, Warlord or Roll the Dice. Cake or barrage fireworks are ground fireworks that shoot up into the sky. They have varying effects from straight to fanned and burst into colour and sparkle. At Coventry Fireworks King we have small, medium and large cakes and barrages to choose from. They are perfect for any occasion that needs some real impact.

What kind of cakes and barrages are good for a fireworks event?

The honest answer is that they are all good. Every cake or barrage has been especially designed to suit the occasion. There are low noise, loud, big, small…you name it, Coventry Fireworks King have got it! We also have a lot of buy one get one free and multi buy offers to make sure you get cheap, high quality cake and barrage fireworks in Coventry.

What occasion is best for cakes and barrages?

Bonfire night, New Years Eve and weddings are perfect for cakes and barrages. These are normally single fuse lit which means that you light the cake or barrage, step away and let the cake or barrage do the magic for you. We have cakes that contain hundreds of shots and last over 90 seconds to really keep that party going!