Collection: ROCKETS

Coventry Fireworks King specialise in rocket fireworks that fire up high into the air. They are one of the most common fireworks and come in various sizes and colours. Whilst most rockets are single burst, you can get a small amount that burst multiple times. Smaller rockets do not produce very loud bangs making them ideal for younger children, the large rockets will scream into the air and produce a loud bang when they burst.

Frequently asked questions

What are rockets?

When it comes to celebrating, we at Coventry Fireworks King think there is no better way than getting some rockets. Rockets are a great aerial firework and are truly versatile. They are generally accompanied with a firing tube, which is staked into the ground. The rocket is then inserted into the tube, pointing away from spectators and obstacles and then fuse lit. Rockets come in various shapes, sizes, strengths, noise levels (1.4 or 1.3G) and effects. If you’re looking to truly light up the skies, then rocket fireworks are the perfect choice for you.

What kind of rockets are suitable for a garden party?

Coventry Fireworks King stock a huge range of rockets. Everything from small effect rockets, which are great for children to huge earth-shaking rockets for the serious firework fanatics. Our rockets are tested against British safety standards are safe to use. Rockets range in size from and strength with our most powerful rockets being over 5 feet in length. If you have any questions about which rockets will be right for your fireworks event, please get in touch on 07377 770105.

What occasion is best for using rockets?

Rockets are great for all occasions but are especially perfect for Diwali, Bonfire Night and New Years Eve. If you’re looking to make a real impact then you just can’t beat a great rocket with dazzling effects and shot gun level noise!