Gender Reveal party ideas in Coventry

Are you planning on hosting a gender reveal celebration in and around Coventry? If so, are looking for coloured smoke grenades or pink or blue fireworks to reveal your baby's gender to your guests?
At Coventry Fireworks King we have a range of fireworks and smoke grenades and flares in both pink and blue colours to allow you to have the best gender reveal party and provide your guests with the ultimate surprise.
Host the Ideal Gender Reveal Celebration with Coventry Fireworks and Smoke Grenades
Fireworks and Smoke grenades and flares are now one of the most popular products used for gender reveal events, and are certain to wow your guests and create a gender reveal that will be remembered for years to come. Announce your baby's gender by releasing your pink or blue fireworks and smoke
grenades and watch your friends and family's reaction, creating the perfect gender reveal and some stunning photographs.
Pink or blue fireworks are not only a great way to surprise your guests with the pink or blue colour reveal but they give the wow factor with an arial display and bangs to remember. At Coventry Fireworks King we have pink and blue fireworks that would be perfect in our Gender Reveal category.
Our grenades are also becoming more and more popular for gender reveals, and they are a fantastic way to host a celebration to welcome your soon to be born baby with a blast of smoke in the air.
Whilst we stock Pink and Blue Fireworks, some give away the colour on the packaging however we also have gender discreet versions. These fireworks are wrapped in neutral packaging, so that the colour is not revealed to your guests before the fireworks goes off. 
Whilst we stock Pink and Blue Smoke Grenades we also have gender discreet smoke grenades. These grenades are wrapped in neutral packaging, so that the colour is not revealed to your guests before the ring is pulled. This makes the secret even bigger, and will ensure that your guests are completely surprised. They last for a duration of 60 or 90 seconds and release bright beautiful smoke when the wire ring is pulled on their canisters.
Our gender fireworks and gender smoke grenades and flares are all completely safe, they come with printed instructions so that you can use them with complete confidence at your gender reveal celebration.
We stock Coventry fireworks and smoke grenades at a number of price points, to suit all budgets and we only stock our grenades from reputable manufacturers.
If you would like to place an order for our fireworks or smoke grenades for your gender reveal celebration, you can call us or order directly online. If you have any questions for our team regarding our Gender Reveal fireworks or smoke grenades, how to use them safely, or anything else then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customers are our number one priority, and our team are always on hand to help and will answer any questions that you have.
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