Heart Shaped Chinese Lanterns for Valentines Day 2023

A heart shaped Chinese Lantern is the perfect way to make a grand gesture of love! Whether it's for your wedding day or your Valentines Day. Why not fill the Coventry skies with a sea of heart shaped lanterns.

A heart shaped flying lantern will surprise and amaze your loved one. A wonderful sight that will leave your valentine in awe watching it rise up into the night sky and floating off in a declaration of love that reaches the stars.

Or, why not light your heart shaped lanterns together and write a wish or a memory on them before you watch them float away!

At Coventry Fireworks King we stock large heart shaped lanterns that are easy to use and can be written on with a pen or pencil. You can even stick your wishes on them.

We also stock eco-friendly lanterns made from bamboo if you prefer, and in a large selection of colours. View our range of lanterns here.

Contact Coventry Fireworks King today to order your lanterns before the big day. We offer free collection or free delivery for orders over £50 in and around Coventry.

Call us now on 07377 770105 or place your order or order online at Coventry Fireworks King. You can pay online, or cash or card on delivery. 


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