Is Coventry Fireworks King a licensed business?

The sale of fireworks in the UK is a regulated business. You need to be sure only buy from reputable firework retailers to ensure the quality of the product and your safety. 
Coventry Fireworks King is a fully licensed business and are licensed to sell fireworks all year round and not just on Bonfire, Diwali and New Years Eve. 
We service our customers in and around Coventry 7 days a week 9am to 10pm where you can book your delivery. 
The staff at Coventry Fireworks have over 8 years experience with retail fireworks and smoke grenades.
Coventry Fireworks King is a responsible seller who completes age checks and due to a small number of nuisance individuals who misuse fireworks we do not operate past 10pm to ensure we are within the legal firework usage cut off. 
We only stock the best and reliable brands like Primed Pyrotechnics, Black Cat, Impact Fireworks and Standard Fireworks in Coventry Fireworks.
All our fireworks comply with British standards. All fireworks for sale from Coventry Fireworks King come with a No Dud Guarantee, if you buy fireworks from us and encounter a problem, please always contact us. 
We understand that buying fireworks can sometimes be a nerve-wracking thing, asking yourself things like; how do I light a firework, what are the legal time restrictions in Coventry for firework usage, or are fireworks safe? We are here to help, we can give you advice on firework safety and help show you what to do.
Contact Fireworks King in Coventry now on 07377 770105 for help with all your firework questions.
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