Smoke Grenades for Paint Balling in Coventry

Smoke Grenades from Coventry Fireworks King are a great way to make a paint balling day or airsoft day an even more amazing experience. We have all colours, sizes and durations. It's time to dress up and get ready for enemy warfare. Let the inner soldier in you loose and drop grenades to help camouflage you and your team as you go into war! 

We sell black, blue, red, orange, white, green, purple, pink and green grenades ranging from 30 - 90 seconds line. Once triggered they let off a lovely plume of coloured smoke to dazzle your opponents as you ambush them in broad daylight!

Unleash the beast in you with Smoke Grenades from Coventry Fireworks King!

Smoke grenades also known as smoke bombs, when released fill the air with stunning high-quality coloured smoke, creating a highly visual and dramatic effect amazing for photographs.

Coventry Fireworks King are a UK - based independent fireworks and smoke grenades retailer - specialising in coloured smoke grenades for both the public and entertainment industry. We offer free standard delivery on orders over £50, and aim to deliver your fireworks and smoke bombs on the same day.

We will deliver your fireworks and smoke products directly to your door, and deliver throughout Coventry and surrounding areas.

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