Hinckley Fireworks

Hinckley Fireworks click and collect

If you’re looking for Hinckley fireworks for Bonfire Night, Diwali, New Years Eve or Chinese New Year then look no further than Coventry Fireworks King. We are a specialist fireworks retailer that serves customers across Warwickshire, East and West Midlands. We are a fully licensed fireworks retailer supplying high quality fireworks for Hinckley. including cakes, rockets, sparklers, Catherine wheels, fountains, smoke grenades, sky lanterns, selection boxes and roman candles. Residents from Hinckley can click and collect fireworks from our Coventry Fireworks shop at the click of a button. We offer high quality customer service, products and great value.

A personal service

We offer a personal one to one service. We know that waiting in queues or not knowing what you want can be daunting when buying fireworks. Our customers travel from all over the UK to visit us and one think they all say is that they really enjoyed buying our Hinckley Fireworks. We have customers from all ages, all backgrounds that have a variety of needs. We take the time to listen to our requirements, your budget and what kind of event you are planning, especially if you have young children, pets or elderly neighbours or family. Some of our Hinckley Fireworks customers love the bangs and impact of our Hinckley Fireworks and some want a more relaxed event. We have fireworks to cater for Hinckley Fireworks customers as well. We are located just off the M6 motorway, off junction 2 and have great fireworks package deals, buy 1 get 1 frees and mix and match offers. Everyone loves a deal, and we are no different, we are here to transform the fireworks buying experience. We don’t see buying Hinckley fireworks as a transaction but as a fun, memorable and enjoyable experience and we guarantee you will come back to us for more. When you want to buy fireworks again in Hinckley make sure you come and check out coventryfireworksking.co.uk or call us on 07946 299501 to talk about your Hinckley fireworks and what we can help you with. Stay safe with Rugby fireworks from Coventry Fireworks King.