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Coventry Fireworks King

15cm Ice Fountain Sparklers Green (3 Pack) by Pyrogiochi

15cm Ice Fountain Sparklers Green (3 Pack) by Pyrogiochi

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Coventry Fireworks King have an awesome 3 pack of 15cm green ice fountains sparklers by Pyrogiochi. These are perfect for birthday and wedding cakes, champagne bottles and definitely bring a pizzazz of flair to your party. These fountains have premium packaging and wrapping so they add an extra touch of class than your typical fountain.

For over 40 years, Pyrogiochi has guaranteed party supplies and small fireworks suitable for every special occasion. Pyrogiochi is an Italian fireworks manufacturer and have been supplying the world with fireworks and ice fountains.

Duration (seconds)


Noise Level



Dimensions (cm)

15 x 1.5

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