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Coventry Fireworks King

Chinese Celebrate - £100 Deal

Chinese Celebrate - £100 Deal

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Wow what a Coventry Fireworks King Chinese deal, 42 Pieces altogether for only £100. This super duper deal brings you everything you need for a garden party of great fireworks. This is a special deal put together especially for Chinese New Years 2024 in Coventry .

This deal has it all; rockets, cake, fountains, roman candles, sparklers and a selection box with 22 pieces to bring a variety to your event. This is suitable for all ages. We recommend this for all firework crazy families in and around Coventry.

There is limited number available for this deal, don't be disappointed, order now.

The deal contains:

Bonfire 22 Piece Selection Box

Contains Fountains, Roman Candle and Cakes

War Hawk Rockets (5 Pack) Loud

- 5 rockets (multi-effect) super loud

Raging Bull cake (49 shots)

- 49 shot multi colour crackling cake

Dragon Fire Fountain

- Amazing novelty fountain with great sparks as the eyes light up 

Glittering Fire Fountain (180 seconds)

- 3 minute colourful fountain with crackles and sparks

Stealth Command Roman Candles (5 pack)

- 5 Single Shot Roman Candles

6 x 16" Platinum Sparklers (5 Pack)

- 6 packets  of 16" Sparklers (30 in total)

Duration (seconds)

Noise Level



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